Maple Springs Aviary
Maple Springs Aviary
Bird Boarding—A Home-based Service To Bring You Peace of Mind

Bird Boarding


A Home-BaseD


To Bring


Peace of Mind



At Maple Springs Aviary

We understand there are times when you will need someone else to take care of your bird. Many things, such as travel or illness, may interfere with your ability to care for your bird as planned. Located just northwest of Burlington, Ontario our professional bird boarding service provides private-home bird boarding for clients from Toronto to Hamilton and the surrounding area.


We have years of experience caring for birds. Our parrot boarding accommodations are clean and comfortable. Our avian guests enjoy regular and loving attention from your caring and experienced owner.


Comfortable Accommodations

We designed Maple Springs Aviary with birds in mind. Our cages will accommodate from cockatiel to cockatoo. Additionally, our bird sanctuary comes furnished with several items your feathered friend will need to make his or her stay with us comfortable:

  • Food and water dishes

  • Frequent paper changes

  • Night lights to reduce the risk of night frights

  • Perches

  • A new toy in the cage to provide entertainment

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables daily